If sales opportunity doesn't knock, BUILD a door

The only team to create a unique hyper-personalized experience for each prospect in your pipeline.

Step 1: B2B Leads

Our Lead Generation Expert works closely with your Ideal Customer Profile and delivers hand-crafted leads with unique sales intel on a daily basis.

Step 2: Outbound Campaign

Dedicated SDR will take care of your outbound campaign from the very beginning: creating email templates, A/B Testing, sales conversations, appointment setting, qualification calls and many more to fill sales funnel.

Step 3: Sales Optimization

Get real-time analytics of Campaign Performance: Open Rates, Reply Rate, Bounces and messaging tests to help implement better startegies and drive success.
Never miss your number again!

Get in touch & receive 30 hand-crafted leads based on your Ideal Customer Profile

Here we need more description information about 30 hand-crafted leads, based on Ideal Customer Profile. It can be example of how it works or ETC. Dedicated SDR will take care of your outbound campaign from the very beginning: creating email templates, A/B Testing, sales conversations, appointment setting, qualification calls and many more to fill sales funnel.


Solution designed for your sales needs

Through qualified appointment setting, Target Persona acquisition, and lead qualification, scoring, and nurturing, we generate leads that drive your growth, and fill the pipeline with the quality prospects to increase profits and expand your businesses.
Flexible campaigns
We understand each business has it’s own unique sales process and ideal customers are never the same. Be as much specific as possible, and we will make sure to deliver customer data you’ve never seen before
360° Approach
We ensure the success of your outbound campaign by analyzing your product, how it helps your customers and Target industry insights, building right messaging that will hit right decision makers at a right time. Full transparency, custom KPI’s and weekly team calls. Everything to ensure you’re on a right track.
Revenue growth
Understanding that average Sales Person spends more than 40% of a work day on prospecting instead of creating opportunities and closing deals we designed a solution that will let your rockstars do what they love to do in the most efficient way by letting our team to manage top-of funnel time consuming tasks.

The Secret of Success?

We’re not advisors, and we hate the word “Outsourcing”. We’re doers, executors, operatives, disruptors, growth hackers…Call us anything you like, but we are your TEAM from now on.


Every piece of data we deliver to you is accurate, relevant and up to date.

Upsail Lead Prospecting team will turn this into reality.


Simply put 3% Bounce Rate.

If any message did not land to prospect’s inbox we will replace it the same day.


Upsail acts as your early or extended team so you can be confident in which market segments, messaging, sales types, strategies, and tactics will succeed.

Cost optimization

Average SDR compensation is $40k (base). Cut this twice and get a team of dedicated professionals that will act for you daily.

Behind the Scenes

What actually makes companies successful?
Their team. Their awesome product. And powerful sales process.
Here’s what we do:

B2B Lead generation

Our Lead Research Experts perform prospecting and identify opportunities. Human touch combined with technology stack brings 90%+ prospects caught.

Database development

Imagine your existing database accelerating your growth. No irrelevant, old-hat data or bad emails. Your marketing team will be the happiest one in the world.

Outbound sales

Our SDR takes care of your campaign in a smart and professional way. Messaging, reporting, KPIs, performance rates and industry insights collected and measured to make outbound efforts most efficient way to get a new deal.

Appointment setting

Let Upsail bring your Ideal Customer into action!

Nowadays modern buyer needs a modern salesperson. Calendars, phone calls, schedules… Never miss another conversation because of old techniques!


B2B Leads generated


Outbound campaigns run


Appointments sheduled


Value of opportunities created

Get started today! It will only take a minute!

We will send over a set of prospects based on your ideal customer profile in the next 24 hours. Meantime our SDRs will have a brainstorm to draft a go-to-market strategy to yield 60%+ open rates and ensure success of the future outbound campaign.


Our contacts:

If you have any questions or need support, send us an email or give us a call!


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