About us

We empower companies to generate x10 times more qualified sales opportunities—at scale. Using custom designed, well-tested outbound email campaigns along with the accurate hand-generated list of Ideal Customers Upsail enables companies to deeply understand their market and reach out to future customers in smart and efficient way boosting open rate (x150) and reply rates (average 65%) resulting into ~37% prospect to appointment ratio.


Our team

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Yaro Yashnyk

Founder & CEO

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Nikita Tokmanov

Co-Founder & Head of Prospecting

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Vlad Senenko

Co-Founder & Head of Outbound Sales

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Our mission

1. We think deeply. We act fast.
Hours are spent in meeting rooms discussing and strategizing but we know that trying 10 new things pays off more.
2. We always learn new things
We know a lot, 100%, but we are also hungry for learning new things on the go. Out-of-the-box thinking and inventor-like mindset always wins the day.
3. We commit and deliver results
We commit to our clients, colleagues, families, and ourselves. Only living by commitments can lead us to success.

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