How effective is direct mail marketing in 2022?

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Direct mail marketing is one of the most influential marketing approaches involving direct communication with customers. Its main goal is to form and develop a potential client’s claim of the brand’s services, and among the significant benefits is the capacity to calculate the effects of movements.

From the article, you will learn what direct marketing is, its advantages, and in what cases it is better to use it. Continue reading the article.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mailing marketing is a type of promotion based on direct contact with the customer of an outcome or benefit without the involvement of third parties. The concept of “direct mail marketing” was first used by Lester Wunderman in 1967. Then the famous American advertiser promoted the brands American Express and Columbia Records.

Direct marketing mailing involves communication with the user in various formats: email, instant messengers, social networks, phone calls, brochures, and targeted advertising.

Direct marketing allows you to directly convey information about products and services to the customers who need them most. A well-planned direct marketing campaign helps:

  • Build trusting relationships with new customers;

  • Check how attractive the product is for buyers;

  • Determine the most attractive marketing approaches for a specific target market;

  • Give customers exciting content that they can share and thereby bring potential customers;

  • Increase sales.

Goals and objectives of direct marketing in 2022

For any business, digital direct mail is an opportunity to solve specific problems effectively. Let’s consider the most common of them.

Increasing brand awareness

This is perhaps one of the most important goals. Any direct marketing campaign aims to promote the brand and increase its awareness among the target audience. By communicating directly with potential customers, the advertiser builds user confidence in himself and his product. To achieve this goal, a multi-channel approach is used, which maximizes awareness among customers.

Strengthening customer relationships

Another important goal is to create a solid foundation for the relationship between the company and the buyer. To do this, you can use direct marketing tools such as personalized certificates, personalized offers, and discount vouchers. At the same time, personification is of great importance. Addressing the client by name and creating an offer that matches their interests and needs helps them feel special and builds trust between the seller and the buyer.

Sales generation and profit growth

This is the primary goal of promoting any business. Because direct marketing focuses on building long-term, one-on-one relationships with customers, it can help you win loyal customers and increase sales.

Mailing Direct marketing: advantages and disadvantages, potential opportunities

Marketing direct mailing is one of the most famous and practical mechanisms for direct communication with the target audience. It is lovely, especially for businesses on funding that cannot afford expensive television or online promotion movements.

Let’s highlight the main advantages of direct mail marketing:

  • You can increase your conversion rate by closely studying your target audience and communicating with consumers.

  • Direct marketing allows you to communicate with customers, offering them value, gaining trust and repeat conversions, increasing loyalty, and encouraging passive customers to repeat purchases.

  • The tools of this marketing direction can easily fit into almost any promotion strategy. They can be adapted to different business goals, target audience features, etc.

  • Measurement and analysis of results – measuring the campaign and making effective decisions for its optimization in real-time.

How to Run Direct Marketing Effectively

Marketing direct mail is a set of sequential steps.

  • Campaign planning. Foundation of the basics. This includes market analysis first. You also need an impressive and structured client base, which must be constantly replenished. It has a clear portrait of each client’s needs and preferences. Consumers are not random but prospective. The base is consolidated with CRM. At this stage, the budget is also calculated.

  • Action launch. One or more types of mail marketing are introduced into life. They are communication channels with customers: letters, calls, and direct sales. With each client who responded, there is communication. This is also the reception and processing of applications, sales, and after-sales service.

  • Campaign analysis, summing up. How effective the actions turned out will help to find out some indicators: the percentage of responses to the message, the sales rate, profit, total sales, profitability, and more.

Direct Mail Trend #1: Personalization

Customers are still open-minded to direct mailing to businesses; producing it is personalized and appropriate. Generic mailers with small or no personalization no longer make the career. And by personalization, we don’t mean just giving the recipient’s name in a greeting.

Personalization in 2022 refers to mailings composed and designed with the recipient’s needs, preferences, and attractions. For example:

  • Requests and messages are unique to the personal customer.

  • Pictures, shades, and forms that mirror broad customer claims.

  • Personalized Landing Pages (PURL) warmly embrace the customer and deepens the relationship.

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