How to market b2b services?

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The business-2-business sphere is one of the most conservative in terms of marketing, where direct sales, calls, etc. prevail. However, in the current environment, when the domestic market is changing rapidly, there is a need for more technological and dynamic ways to attract customers.

What is b2b marketing?

B2B classification includes transactions for goods and services required to conduct business. It is a business to serve the needs of the business with the ultimate benefit. All contracts are between legal entities only.

B2B promotion has its specifics. It is not based on emotion, like B2C, but on cold calculation.

Goods are offered in bulk quantities, complex equipment, and services at a high cost. It is necessary to be an expert on the subject, choose the right search terms, and create working pages.

Reputation is paramount. When choosing a contractor, it can be more important than the price of the deal.

Demand depends on the economic situation in the country.

The buyer is competent in the matter and is serious about selecting goods and suppliers.

A long period of deal-making. A large number of specialists (manager/accountant/manager) are involved in the preparation of the deal. Participation in tenders, submitting bids, fighting with competitors, and bilateral negotiations.

The final price of a good (service) is unknown in the process of sale because during negotiations the parties reach mutually beneficial terms.

A purchased product or service that fully satisfies the customer is an incentive to ask the company again. Large firms prefer to order components, materials, and services only from trusted suppliers.

Market promotion for B2B products and services is directly related to the clarity of the goal of making money. In developing a marketing concept, it is important to understand what exactly is needed to achieve the goal. It may be entering a new market segment, reducing the sales cycle, acquisition of new clients or their departure from competitors, or meetings with profile clients.

What is b2b in marketing?

B2B marketing is a complex marketing activity in the B2B market.

Goal: To build long-term relationships with customers. Each niche has a limited number of businesses and new customers don’t come along very often, so it’s important to build long-term business relationships.

B2b marketing case studies:

B2b marketing case studies:

  1. Supply of numerically controlled machine tools, their installation, and service.

The contract is designed for several years: firstly, the equipment must be installed and debugged, then regular checks and promptly repaired. In addition to the contract – the supply of spare parts and consumables. Such cooperation can last for years.

  1. Legal and accounting support of the business.

The company-contractor (let’s call it a seller) takes care of all the issues in this area, and the company-buyer of services can save on staff specialists and focus on core business.

What are b2b marketers?

B2B marketers should focus on the “sweetest” and most financially savvy customers who have spare cash and an interest in the product. The same contextual advertising shows a much lower price to find customers than cold calls from managers. To work with managers, it’s better to select clients who are serious about their objectives and have perspective and finances.

Decision-making in B2B is based on a scheme:

  • awareness of the customer’s need;
  • market research to gather information;
  • comparison of offers, participation in tenders, analysis of information;
  • conclusion of the most optimal transaction.

How to market to business?

In preparing a marketing strategy for a B2B business, the first step is to accurately identify the target group.

Then it’s necessary to clarify how best to connect with your target audience. Are potential customers active online, can they be reached through Facebook or other social networks? Is contact possible through the professional network LinkedIn?

Next, you should clearly define your objectives, because it makes a big difference what is the priority – attracting new customers or increasing awareness of the company or brand.

What is the b2b market?

B2B sales are a commercial relationship between a manufacturer of products and a buyer of goods. Unlike sales to specific customers, the B2B segment involves working with organizations. The main feature of this market segment – is the approach to the customer, and the marketing strategies used.

The main feature of the B2B market is the high competition between manufacturers. The final purchase is made by a professional who chooses the most profitable offer. Therefore, in this segment of sales discounts for regular customers are widespread, the price lists indicate the wholesale price.

As a rule, the B2B market refers to the provision of large manufacturing companies with related services. Therefore, this segment includes cleaning and consulting agencies, auditing firms, and office equipment suppliers.

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