How to optimize google my business?

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Google My Business is a wide concern. A few years ago, when exploring a cafeteria or restaurant, Google users completed up on Tripadvisor or equal aids. Nevertheless, you don’t actually have to exit Google today: everything is right in the search outcomes.

This is useful for business proprietors as well. Currently, you can concentrate your SEO steps on one source. Doing it perfectly will help you enhance your search engine orders, suggestions, and Google Maps.

Key benefits

● It is an opportunity for a company to reach the first page of organic issuance without any financial costs (with successful google my business optimization and maintenance of the card);

● The ability to conveniently and visually show all the data that a potential client needs (working hours, prices, reviews, business location, phone number, website, etc.);

● You can constantly communicate with customers, receive feedback and ratings, work on your rating, receive feedback

Who can add a company to Google Maps:

● companies with points of sale or offices where customers can come;

● service organizations or companies providing field services;

● companies with seasonal activities (for instance, summer cafes that close during the cold season and open in mid-spring)

Who can’t register companies:

● online-only organizations – for instance, if a small web studio does not have an office, it will not be likely to register it;

● buildings and premises that are leased or put up for sale;

● companies providing services in establishments owned by other companies.

Factors affecting the rating of a business in Google maps search results

In the course of working on the promotion of Google My Business cards for our clients, we realized one golden rule.

● You require the complete company profile, constant interaction with client checks and high-quality photographs, publications of news and promotions;

● Correct optimizing google my business;

● The closer your point is to the user, the higher you are in the tracking, but consider personal delivery;

● The number of exclusively natural reviews and ratings (it is forbidden to cheat reviews via different services);

● Behavioral factors – how many people switch to the Google My Business card from organics and Google Maps

● Relevancy is the degree to which company information reaches the study question. Add as much info about your company as possible so that Google algorithms show it for all relevant queries

● Distance – when generating search outcomes, the distance from your company to the place specified in the search query or to the user’s location, which Google calculates based on available data, is taken into account

● Company Prominence – Google’s algorithms consider company prominence. For instance, well-known museums, large hotels, and popular label shops rank high in local search results. Reputation is furthermore affected by company information on the Internet.

● Google Reviews: The more reviews and favorable ratings a company has, the higher it will appear in local search results. Again, the scale is affected by the place in the organic search results, which search engine gmb optimization technologies will improve.

Advice. No one can artificially increase your company’s ranking in Google services – for free or free. It is determined using algorithms developed to ensure equal opportunities for all participants. The elements of these algorithms are not disclosed.

But you can do your best to enhance the outcomes.

How to optimize your google my business or unobvious life hacks

Check these points for the card with your organization to be shown as high as possible.

Fill in all the basic information about the organization: address, opening hours, services, website, description, company history, and photos from the owner.

If you do not complete this information yourself, your competitors may add it.

One of the most significant ranking factors is the amount and rate of reviews. Replying to reviews raises your visibility in search engines, especially in local queries. Just do not need to “wind up” them by adding artificially – Google notices and removes such ones. Ask happy customers to share their experiences. The reviews should contain the name of the services provided, the place, and other details. You can devise a motivation system for buyers, for example, by offering them a discount on their next purchase, subject to leave a review. Be courteous in dealing with customers, even if you leave negative feedback. From the dashboard, you may promptly monitor and react to new questions and feedback about your business.

  • Operate messaging. The free version of mini-chat. You can enable customers to send you messages directly from company pages. With this feature, you can quickly answer questions and share info. To operate it, you require to download the application from the Play Store or the App Store.

  • Photo and video campaigns. Significantly increases your chances of appearing higher in search results.

  • Entries. You can add company news and ongoing events and give bonuses directly from your Google My Business account.

Statistics are available to you separately for records. The card of your organization looks more spectacular and brighter in search results. If you do not know what to post, there is a button “Need ideas? See what posts other companies are posting? Here you can also add products and select a call to action.

A small life hack – entries without an end date are displayed after seven days. If you want to optimize google my business card to look attractive, say, during the season, add a promotion with an expiration date in a few months.

Thus, Google My Business is an essential tool when promoting a business on the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and develop this free source of potential buyers.

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