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We speak all the time about the need to download traffic and draw as numerous clients to the site as probable. But not all of them will evolve your customers – so maybe it’s not about quantity but quality?

Leads are not only clients who landed on your store’s website randomly surfing the Internet. These are those who are already curious about your goods. For example, someone sees a contextual advertisement in a search engine or targeted advertising on social networks. Or heard about your shop from a friend or colleague – word of mouth. And then, he followed the link or purposefully typed your store’s address in the search engine line.

Now a potential client has landed on your site. It is essential that he, like a fish, does not fall off the hook and continues his further swimming: add goods to the basket, and leave contact information. Ideally – placed an order and paid for the goods. Your managers come into action, who must lead the interested visitor to purchase various chips on the site that attract the attention of the buyer. That is the same classic sales funnel that any manager knows about.

In the meantime, let’s talk ideas for about lead generation – these are special marketing moves that allow draw leads to the site – interested visitors. How to do it?

Lead generation

Before you take action, we recommend you research your company.

1. Preferably, research your target audience. To entice leads, you require comprehending who your customer is. What age is he, gender, where he lives and performs what he loves, and what he is fond of? Let’s say you have an online sporting goods shop. You have bought a renewed set of costly tools that has just occurred on the deal. Visualize being able to use it both at home and in gyms.

Accordingly, those who cannot buy an expensive item, clubs that have already fussed and bought equipment, and conservatives, who are apprehensive about buying something new, especially at a high cost, fall out of the list of leads. From the list of leads, people of the older generation automatically drop out: they are unlikely to be curious about the throwing of teenagers and paraphernalia associated with these films.

Even if these visitors come to the site, they will not perform any targeted action, and the online store conversion will decrease. And you don’t need it at all.

2. Research your traffic sources. This thing directly relies on the last one – your target audience. Aged people may learn about your online store from a TV ad, booklet, or flyer given to them by a bright supporter or a media article that praises them. For scholars, these traffic authorities are not definitive: they appreciate vloggers, Instagram divas, social media stars, and other fashion friends. Well, you comprehend select traffic citations established on your target audience. We announce the entire list, please:

  • offline and online media;

  • offline sources: leaflets, booklets, billboard promotion;

  • contextual promotion in search engines: Yandex, Google;

  • targeted advertising in social networks;

  • online store blog;

  • commodity aggregator platform;

  • product catalogs;

  • CPA and teaser networks;

  • review sites.

If there are several references of targeted traffic – excellent, so you will draw more leads. Experimentation integrates additional references, weeds out the extreme, and creates the practical.

3. Think over the lead generation ideas. It relies on how interested potential customers are in your outcome. Let’s say you trade women’s clothing. The need for it is enormous, and everyone must apparel. The target audience is interested in shopping itself: women make queries in search engines and look for online stores and drop shippers. This is named direct lead generation: when the target audience is active. You just require making her buy especially in your online store. We think it’s clear how to do this: announce a sale, lower the price, order contextual advertising so keywords can find your store in the search engine, and agree on cooperation with popular bloggers or celebrities.

There are 2 methods: the client is not interested in your product. Perhaps he simply did not know about it, or perhaps he did not think that he required the goods. Recall how the mobile phone market evolved: before, it was an extra thing that practically no one knew about, but with the help of trade, people were persuaded that a smartphone was important for everyone. And so it happened.

So, indirect lead generation tip is needed if you have a new or little-known product on the market and if a person doubts whether to buy it or not. For example, you sell paintings to order. Not essential, right? The consumer can be pushed to purchase by pressing on pain points: for example, to remind that the picture could be a great birthday present for a friend or relative. Another example: is means or sets of products for weight loss. Many people need this product, but the target audience may fluctuate. Offer a free trial order – let him ensure that the product works and that he needs this product.

More tips for lead generation opportunities

Let’s take a closer look at several lead gen ideas.

  • Landing

Originally, landing pages were developed to attract leads and pump traffic to the leading site. The variety of a complete online store cannot match into one landing page, which is unnecessary. Note, targeted traffic: only those interested in the offer will follow the link. How to engage – is in your hands.

  • Youtube

It is slowly evolving into a new television: it has its stars, widespread channels, and programs. With the benefit of a YouTube channel, you can advertise your products to young people visually.

  • Feedback Forms

It helps you fast intercommunicate with the customer and manage reference data. For a person to agree to voluntarily leave his first and last name, phone number, or mail, he must be appropriately interested.

Of the outdated lead generation ideas for b2b, we want to highlight the purchase of links, letters, and messages to cold clients. Firstly, the bases that surf the Internet are often already outdated: many numbers or addresses are inactive. Secondly, it will attract additional visitors who are unlikely to be curious about your product. These are cold clients with whom you still have to work and work. We are now talking about those who need to be pushed just a bit to commit a targeted action.

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