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To start the concept of a lead generation program. Many people mistake all site visitors as leads. In general, a lead is an interested user. People often asked questions, wrote direct, via mail or phone, registered, etc.

I will not open America, said Internet marketing is developing too fast. You need to constantly be on the wave and catch new features, follow trends and test them. A good marketer then always knows how to hook his target audience, make a person click and not be disappointed, make a deal, but come back for a second one and call friends.

I will not discuss the need for a website, SMM, context, etc. As my teacher in production logistics said: “Can I be specific? What exactly do you mean?” I will not delay and move on to the “trend” tool of Internet marketing.

The best solution for your business

Lead magnet. One of the most converting solutions. By the name, it is clear that with its help, we “attract” people. Lead magnets are various uses for the target audience – a guide, a trial lesson or training, or a product test drive. For example, you sell women’s cosmetics and offer a skin care checklist or a “how always to look 20” guide. By providing a product or service for free, you temporarily close the need of potential customers. The main thing here is not to overdo it with gifts, because you also need to earn money on something.

Quiz. A small interactive in the format of tests, surveys, or quizzes. They are attractive; users willingly go through them and share them with friends. The important thing in a quiz is to put pressure on the pain and offer a solution. For example, you sell consulting and mentoring for specialists. The quiz may contain such questions: “Are you satisfied with the current income level?” “How much would you like to earn permanently?”, “What skills, in your opinion, should a specialist have?” etc. This tool helps collect information about users’ needs, allowing you to create more accurate, catchy newsletters or posts.

Chatbots. These kinds of business assistants help automate processes, regulate issues, smooth out adverse reactions, study the needs of the client and build friendly communication. The tool is more suitable for products that are difficult to promote in traditional ways – alcohol, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, etc. Chatbots can tell you about a company, provide a product catalog, help you make a choice, and answer frequently asked questions.

Services. Starting to gain popularity. The bottom line is that the company creates a free service that can only be used after registration. You can create a service for finding real estate or air tickets, a photo processing service, a logo, or a branding service. For example, one of the banks created a free website builder. The advantage of the tool is that you get information about the user, and in the future, you can offer paid services.

Gamification. Constantly reading useful content is boring, so games are replacing it. In addition to the fact that the user enjoys the process, he earns bonuses, which can then be spent on the purchase of goods or services of the company. One example: is the game “Machines on Guard of Humanity” from M.Video. The game was timed to coincide with the release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 3D. Users had to register on the site, after which, within four weeks, letters with new tasks came to the post office. Completing each task increased the final discount. As a result, the company managed to attract 25% of new subscribers who purchased in the store. Gamification is good because it has virality and accessible attraction to users (you must admit that people are more willing to switch to the game than to the landing). It does not have excessive advertising” (when switching to the game, people do not think that they will now have something then sell).

Lead ads. A convenient application form that pops up when you click on an advertisement. It works like regular advertising in social networks, only without going to a group or website. An application form immediately appears when clicked, and the data is automatically pulled from the user profile. Here, the exact selection of the audience is essential, preferably warm, to maximize the result. Pay attention to the number of fields in the form – the fewer, the better. And another important point – fast processing of applications, preferably within an hour. You can integrate CRM to make your work easier and return users who opened but did not fill out the form by changing questions and creatives.

Lead generation tools

Lead generation tools must identify your audience’s curiosity and connection facts. Choosing the right companies for your industry can help it rise quickly, make essential connections, and discover new possibilities.

As a result, generating leads software is aimed at increasing sales by turning visitors into customers.

Whether you’re looking to turn visitors into customers or gather leads for your products or services, the best software for lead generation can automate your processes, making the entire process more efficient.

Plus, it can help you simplify your consumer process and focus on providing your clients’ requirements without spending promotions to get their engagement.

The most effective lead generation tools:

  • Back call;
  • Online chat;
  • Client Generator;
  • herd instinct;
  • Customer Invader;
  • Multi button.

Lead Generation Tips

  • It’s good if you have a video about your product or service.

It is known that more than half of people (65%) perceive visual information better. A well-prepared video material (short and easy to understand) can add another 33% to existing leads. Use, for example, the Animoto service. The main thing here is to capture users’ attention and push them to action.

  • The choice should not be too wide.

It is easier to get confused among a large assortment, and confusion will not add customers and orders. When MySiteAuditor left only one free trial button instead of six, it dramatically increased conversions by 25%.

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