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How I Secured an Appointment With Fortune100 Company

Yaro's prospecting tip #1 (on how I secured a meeting with C-Level exec at Fortune 100 company).

Sometimes all it takes to spark interest is to be a human.

Think of it - c-suite execs got really used to average sales emails from 100s of SDRs all over the world.

I was recently prospecting into a company that, if deal landed would shape how we operate as a company. The opportunity was big.

But I had one obstacle. The VP of Sales I needed to get appointment with was on his paternity leave, making it really impossible to break through the noice of nice "congrats" emails flooding his inbox.

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He was really happy young father, and as a father of 3 pals I know what it takes to at least take a quick nap.

I reached out to him with the next email:

Hi X.
Congrats on the daughter! I'm sure (I used name of his daughter he shared in LinkedIn post) will enjoy this beautiful world.
I wanted to send you a cold email first, but I know what it takes to be a young father, so I won't distract you with my lame pitch.

Congrats again!

PS. should X sales team ever consider empowering outbound campaigns with buyer-intent data - I'm here to help.

Of course I received an OOO. 

But 2 weeks after I got a reply from this guy with his personal booking link and couple smiles :-)

Happy prospecting and be amazing!

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P.S. If you want to empower your email campaigns with buyer-intern lead generation book a call.
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