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How Grows Their Business with Upsail Lead Generation Team has been on a mission since 2016 being the fastest growing B2B ecommerce marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry.

Understanding that outbound sales and advanced lead generation was key to boost their sales, started using Upsail to empower their sales team.

The Problem:

Before signing up with Upsail team, the's sales team was sending emails manually to each of their prospects in order to personalize every single touch points. Moreover, their sales team was struggling to find appropriate prospects, their valid emails and other contact details.
However, with this method, they were spending a huge amount of their time following-up with leads and they even sometimes forget to follow-up which lead in loosing some sign-ups.

What are the benefits of Upsail for

Being able to get solid and accurate lists of prospects to reach out to was a huge time saver for the's sales team! They also reported an increase of 200% in replies when our team created a list of prospects in the Tri-state area.

What tips can give to the Upsail family for B2B sales email?

We believe in personalization. If you want to stand out from all the sales emails out there, you need to show that you've done some research before getting in touch with someone. With all the testing we've done, we realized that personalized images was a great way to stand out and we usually put personalized images in our second and fourth follow-up.

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