What does lead in mean?

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What is a leads? Leads are those who confirmed their interest in a product or service by filling out a registration form on the site or leaving an application. People who saw a commercial or paid attention to a billboard are also considered leads.

Potential clients

Marketers divide potential customers into three categories:

  • “Cold” – their contacts are with the seller, but these people do not yet know about the existence of the product or they have not formed the need to purchase it.
  • “Warm” – those who are familiar with the product or service being promoted, but have not decided on a particular vendor and are in the process of choosing one of the brands on the market.
  • “Hot” – fully ready to conclude a contract, make a purchase, place an order.
  • To determine which group the potential client belongs to, the evaluation system (leads coring) is used. During lead generation, a marketer monitors the most effective methods of influencing people and assigns points. The sum of the points determines how close the probable consumer is to the moment of purchase. The data of “hot” leads are sent to sales managers, with the rest of the work to increase the marketing “temperature” continues.

What is a lead in marketing?

Leads in marketing are users who have shown interest through marketing channels and left their contacts. For example, through a callback order form, newsletter subscription, and so on.

What is leads management?

Lead management is the work of collecting, processing and grouping leads. The marketer collects the primary information about the user, qualifies the contacts, and analyzes the data in order to build the entire customer journey and understand how to stimulate the customer to buy.

The objectives of lead management are to keep track of incoming leads and not miss a single application.

There are 5 steps in lead management – the whole process is called Lead Time, and time to a transaction:

  • Capture. At this stage, we develop a promotion strategy and form marketing channels.
  • Enrichment. We collect and add data about the buyer, enter it into the CRM system and confirm it – this info is needed for segmentation.
  • Leads qualification and scoring. At this stage we qualify leads: whether it will be a target or non-target contact, and also note at what stage in the sales funnel the user is.
  • Lead nurturing. And here we additionally warm up the leads and bring them to the deal.
  • Elaboration of stages helps to distribute finances and correctly build the process of generating leads.

What are leads in sales?

Leads in sales have their own specific features, due to the sphere of application. For example, in internet marketing leads are not quite the same as in sales.

Let’s say a potential customer has entered his details in a form on your website, started an interaction with an online bot, called the company phone number, or corresponded with you on a page on a social network. Can he be considered a lead?

From a marketer’s point of view, the goal of lead generation has been achieved. You got a way to communicate with a possible buyer or customer – a phone number, social network profile, email. This means that it is possible to work with him further, talking about the benefits of the product, rousing interest in it and gradually leading to the idea of the need to make a purchase.

For the seller, a person who just left his contacts is not a lead yet. He can either become a very profitable customer or “fall off”. This is a dark horse, from whom you do not know what to expect. It is impossible to predict how such a potential consumer will behave: will he turn into a regular customer, bringing the company a steady income, or will the time and money spent on working with him be thrown away.

In sales, a quality lead is a person who is ready to conclude a contract. As for the “colder” options, it is more appropriate for the seller to “milk” existing customers than to fish for new ones among those who are not yet interested in buying his product.

How do you distinguish a “pacifier” from a 100% hit? Which likely the customer is considered the most promising, so you can invest in “warming up” him without question? The ideal lead is the person who not only showed interest in the company’s products or services but also confirmed his intentions by repeated actions, i.e., by requesting a free trial or by making a request for a presentation. This proves that he is already ready to buy, all that remains is to meet his expectations and demonstrate all the merits of the product.

Leads in sales differ in such criteria as profitability, conversion rates, and the duration of the sales cycle. According to these parameters, they are usually divided into 3 types:

  • sales;
  • seeds – word of mouth;
  • nets – marketing.

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