What is a qualified?

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A lead is a user who expresses interest in your services or products. In other words, it is a potential client. Thanks to experienced, professional marketers, leads turn into active buyers.

What is a qualified lead: basic

A qualified lead is your ideal customer. It can be a person of a certain gender, age, or occupation. If we’re talking about a company, the industry, turnover, number of employees, and so on all play a role. But keep in mind that in reality, few potential customers will fit your description perfectly. And even if you find such a person or company, it’s not necessarily the object of your interest that needs your product or service. At this point, the sales and marketing departments begin their work.

Each “coming in” or received lead has its own source. This can be trade shows and seminars, Google searches, advertising, recommendations, etc. All such leads should be entered into the Leads section in Teamgate or mass imported.

When leads are already in your account, they need additional processing or qualification, in other words. Qualification refers to the actions you take to conclude whether or not that contact is a good fit for your sales efforts.

Each lead has a status in the system. All new leads have a status of “New”. When you start working with the lead, the status is changed to “Processing” or a similar status that is more suitable for your field of activity.

When your communication yields results and the situation is suitable to make a transaction, the lead is converted. This means that your lead is qualified and:

  • You know it is your potential customer and there is a real opportunity to sell your represented product;
  • The lead is probably not your potential customer, no deal is forthcoming.

What is a marketing qualified lead?

These are users who have typically completed the registration process on a website or signed up for a webinar. You may also collect these contacts during trade shows or other events. However, these people are still not ready to partner with you and buy your own products. Thus, MQLs are passed on to the sales or marketing department for further work.

What is a sales qualified lead?

What is a qualified lead in sales? These users are ready to buy. They not only complete the registration process on the website but also place their order in the shopping cart.

Make the best use of a CRM system to ensure a personalized experience for each client. It helps you computerize business processes and build relationships with your customers. With CRM, you can collect and store data on leads in one place, track communication with them and their interaction with your company, monitor the progress of transactions, and send campaigns to bring potential customers closer to purchase. In this manner, you will be able to visually visualize the whole process of closing a deal, which helps you to continuously refine your entire strategy.

The SendPulse CRM system displays the course of deals on a kanban board, where you see the status of each one and can go to its card to get more information about the order and the buyer

Classifying leads in Upsail’s CRM

According to marketing and sales software developers, pre-qualifying leads brings many positive results. For example, informed leads provide almost 50% more purchases than others, plus the same 50% increase in conversion of a lead into a regular customer. Competent qualifications of leads can have a positive impact not only on profits. Considering that not all companies have implemented this marketing tool in business, you have every chance to take the first position in your industry.

If your employees do not cope with the task of qualifying leads and their further management, you can always entrust this to robotic business automation technologies. For example, CRM Upsail an intelligent  robot from the company Upsail, will make the collection, qualification of leads, registration of channels of their receipt, and put the necessary tasks for their processing to the appropriate managers to work. And after the work is done and some of them are converted into sales Upsail CRM agency will provide an analytical cross-section, through which you will have all the information about both the leads themselves and the subsequent sales funnel.

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