What is b2b customer base?

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Sales begin with the preparation of a base of potential customers.

The entire process of increasing sales of your product or service will depend on the quality of the primary customer base.

For an effective and rapid increase in sales, you need a base of potential customers, prepared on the basis of relevant sources or resources that monitor the timely updating of contact information about companies and firms.

It should also be treated with caution when selling bases, as their relevance is not always consistent with the requirements. On such bases, there may be a lot of redundant and outdated information, for example, financial services may include both banks and accounting companies that no longer exist and the format of these companies is completely different.

What is customer base b2b?

A customer base systematizes information about customers who contacted the company for goods or services. In some cases, it is created from scratch and contains information about possible customers. Be that as it may, even the formed customer registry should be regularly updated with fresh data about customers.

What is customer base b2b and b2c?

What is customer base b2b b2c? Let’s take a closer look. If your company works in B2C (working with individuals), then the customer base simply consists of a list of people, maybe their name and definitely their phone number. The basic data also includes customer characteristic data, which you also need to keep. This could be a date of birth, residential address, full name, passport information, or something else.

If you work in B2B (your client is another business), then basic data, in addition to organization data (name, main phone number, legal address, and so on) includes the organization’s contact information. These can be the contacts of the manager, manager, or accountant. Their names, positions, phone numbers, and emails. In terms of working with data – this is related data that is attached from the organization.

Additional data of the client base

In addition to clients, you can store a lot of different information, but it is obligatory to store at least the history of orders from the client and the history of relationships (comments, correspondence, calls).

In simple and template CRM systems (programs for maintaining client bases), it is possible to create transactions for clients. The deals store information about the name, and amount of the deal. You can add additional text fields in which it is possible to write something. Also to each deal, you can add comments. Each deal necessarily has a status. In CRM systems it is a separate parameter that allows you to build the sales funnel. When storing data in a table, such as Excel, usually the row is highlighted in different colors depending on the deal.

In more advanced custom CRM systems it is possible to store the history of sales proposals generation, automatically generate and send them, calculate the cost of orders based on customer parameters or store special information needed specifically for your business and your process of working with customers.

Structure of the client base

In order to compile the entire set of data about the company’s customers, you can use several ways.

The most common way to build a customer base is to create it using the sales funnel method. In fact, it is the exclusion of customers as their interest in the goods (services) of your firm fades. Thus, several markers are used to assess consumer demand:

  • white (if it is unknown how a person feels about the product);
  • green (if the potential customer does not mind listening to the presentation of your product (service));
  • yellow (if the potential customer has signed up for an advertising mailing);
  • yellow-green (if the prospective customer was interested in any product (service) of your firm)
  • gold (if the person has already purchased a product or ordered a service from you);
  • platinum (if the consumer has made purchases more than three times);
  • green-red (if the visitor has refused the seller’s commercial offer);
  • golden-red (if the customer has ordered three times, but does not plan to make any transactions in the future);
  • platinum-red (if a regular customer refused the company’s services).

The client base format we’ve considered is perfect for B2B companies. It allows you to monitor the sales funnel, which is extremely important in this market segment.

Another type of customer base structuring is based on the geolocation technique of the target audience (regions, localities, streets). For example, a company related to ecotourism has 95% of its clientele from cities, because for people from the countryside it is not very relevant.

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