What is Marketing Automation?

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Marketing automation helps scale businesses. Its purpose is to organize the process, improve the quality of service, increase sales, and save time.

Keep in mind that software alone is not enough for intelligent automation of marketing processes. Only with a software strategy will it be possible to turn a potential customer into a satisfied one.

Keep in mind that software alone is not enough for intelligent automation of marketing processes. Only with a software strategy will it be possible to turn a potential customer into a satisfied one.

What Is automation marketing

Marketing automation is an essential step for the company’s development because it reduces the number of repetitive processes: sending email newsletters, SMS, and push notifications. If the automation of marketing processes is configured effectively, it solves two main tasks:

  • Employees begin to perform more complex tasks;
  • The number of errors related to the human factor is reduced.

Marketing Automation: What It Does

MA, in simple words, is a set of tools designed to optimize and simplify time-consuming processes, from lead qualification to working with advertising campaigns. For example, a marketing specialist may not manually perform tasks like sending emails to potential customers.

The right automation marketing tools will help you categorize your audience, create exciting content, and take action based on your instructions. For example, a person who registers for a webinar automatically receives a welcome email with a thank you and event details. Or the client receives an SMS about a promotion, a special offer, etc. An essential part of marketing automation is analyzing results and adapting the marketing plan to new data.

Marketing Automation: How It Works

To turn a visitor into a customer, you must first collect data about him. This can be done with the help of emails, questionnaires on the website, polls on social networks, etc. Thanks to this information, a complete picture of the client is formed.

Marketing and sales automation should be used throughout the customer’s journey – from getting to know a product or service and ending with a purchase. How marketing automatization can help to increase sales:

  • Attracting potential customers. Landing pages are an essential marketing automation tool. Interesting content combined with regular mailings helps attract new potential customers and continues to “warm” them up to the point of purchase.
  • Analysis of potential customers. With automated marketing processes, you can attract potential customers and learn more about them. For this, it is worth using such data as behavior on the website or pages on social networks.
  • Using triggers. A well-chosen time or an exciting offer is a compelling incentive to purchase. For example, when the term of use of the demo product ends, the client will receive an email with an offer to evaluate the full version.

What should be considered when choosing a marketing automation system?

Here are the top features to look for when choosing marketing automation software:

  • Complex problem solving

A marketing automation service that allows you to perform several functions at once is the key to success. Thanks to this, you can automate email distribution, SMS notifications, create landing pages, conduct reporting, etc.

  • Integration with CRM

When defining marketing automation processes, it is important to remember a tool like CRM. The company should have a single platform and source of information about sales and marketing, where all data about the customer will be collected – from the phone number to the purchase history.

  • Analytics

Without statistics and reports, it is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the work. Software with an analytical panel where you can visualize data, compare reporting in different periods, etc. is at least convenient.

  • Teaching

Marketing automation is not a static concept. To get the most out of the software, it’s worth deepening your knowledge base. Preferably, this service will offer an educational video or full-time training.

  • Cost

Another determining factor is cost. Does the company need advanced functionality or just a few features? For example, small businesses can start with free trials to stay within budget.

What problems does MA solve?

MA helps you scale, deliver personalized and targeted communications, attract more leads, qualify them and convert them into buyers.

So, the main tasks of marketing automation:

  • Reduce time spent on routine processes

Doing more with less is the primary goal of any company. To attract more potential customers and close deals quickly, automating labor-intensive or repetitive processes is essential. Marketers freed from sending letters can focus on strategic work, for example, introducing innovations into business processes.

  • Optimizing interactions with the user

Understanding how a prospect interacts with a brand is essential to guiding them through the entire sales funnel. Marketing automation services allow you to manage and score leads that enter your funnel.

  • Testing

It will be easier to conduct marketing research if this is done by software. You can test everything from the color of the call-to-action button to the frequency of sending emails.


Marketing automation is an essential step in the development of a company, regardless of its scale. It allows you to optimize work processes, guarantee a personalized approach, and develop, qualify and convert potential customers into buyers.

For MA to be effective, it is essential to remember the techniques and the right choice of software. Ideally, it should be a complete solution that can integrate with other services for working with clients.

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