Outbound sales

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Step by Step Outbound Sales Process

At Upsail we pride ourselves for utilizing newest approaches to outbound email. Hence, great and predictable revenue growth is a result of well-developed and tested combination of quality leads, super-personalized messaging and the awesome process behid

Accurate prospects

Our prospecting process and trained lead generation experts ensure that the foundation (right person with accurate contact data) is laid, dramatically increasing chances of campaign success.

99.9% valid data & emails

in-house SDRs

Human-to-human engagement approach

Handles first-touches, follow-ups and lead nurturing.
Creation and refining response library to create more opportunities from churned customers

Tailored messaging

Personalization of each email leaving the inbox.

Cross-referenced message targeting multiple levels in target account

Ongoing A/B testing and revisions for further improvement.

Advanced Reporting

Concentrate on the data that really matters:

  • What messaging & Subject Line performs better?
  • What kind of contects delivers more value?
  • What ICP leads to higher conversion?
  • What is the best time to engage?
  • Our Sales Development Reps set amazing appointments:


    We take pride in the results we achieve

    Outbound Sales changed a lot over last 7 years.
    Now success is driven by highly personalized and relevant messaging addressed to Ideal Buyer at the right time.
    At SCALE!

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    Cold Prospect to
    Appointment Ratio