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Pay per qualified appointment
per qualified appointment
No surprises. No extra fees.

What's included
Buyer-Intent Prospects
Omnichannel Outbound Campaigns
Sales Copywriting
A/B Testing
Email Infrastructure & Anti-Spam Setup
Lead Qualification
24/7 support in Slack
Weekly reports & sync calls
Calendar & CRM Sync
215 +
Loyal Customers
Our satisfied clients have been with us for over 3 years, and the best part is that 90% of them are still coming back!
25,000 +
Appointments Scheduled
We have more than 25,000 appointments delivered for our clients over the course of 3 years. We do this across multiple industries and are continuing to grow with every project!
Appointment Show Rate
Buyer Intent based prospecting ensures lowest no-show rate for our customers. Should you ever have a no-show, we will replace this opportunity in 24 hours!
Lead Qualification Rate
We ensure your team works only on high-quality opportunities that have the highest chance to convert!
10:1 ROI
$10 return per dollar invested across 25 industries.
Sales is a numbers game, and our customers LOVE closing deals.
CAC Reduction
The reported average acquisition cost as a result of our efforts is 35-75% lower than it would have been otherwise.
We help our clients close deals
We hired Upsail team to help us source leads for our industry. The leads generated were always high quality contacts, with virtually no bounce rates and they are always open to adjusting strategies at the last minute. I've been working with Yaro and his team for over a year and they are still my go-to for projects like these!
Ryan Philemon
Director of Marketing in Provi
Yaro and his team offer an incredibly valuable service to our business. Yaro is extremely responsive, and work is always delivered promptly and to the highest standard possible
Will Sloane
Head of Growth in Prohibition Partners
Fast, to the point and great overview of leads to tackle, on top of that, very responsive (regardless timezones).
I worked with Upsail over 3 years. They are sharp, process oriented, and delivered results in both the quantity of leads they provided me as we well as quality. When needed, they always responded in a timely manner and provided sound advice. I would recomend their service. Great job!
Jolien Demeyer
Marketing Director in CHD Expert
Yaro & the Upsail team have been a pleasure to work with. From the start, they were eager to learn our business and identify our target market to help compliment our sales outreach efforts - acting as an extension of our team. They have helped us identify thousands of qualified leads and secure new business through their diligent research and data-driven outreach. I would highly recommend the Upsail team to amplify and sustain the growth of your sales efforts.

Alessander Johnson
VP of Sales GlassView
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