Buyer-Intent Lead Generation

We help you land more clients by engaging them when they are most-likely to buy.

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We specialize in connecting the right people to your services or products.

Buyer-intent triggers

Our goal is to connect your sales team with people who are most-likely to buy your solution. We take advantage of intent-based searches and social media triggers when prospects are active in their buyer journey.

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Data enrichment

We enrich your exisiting contact lists and research missing data points to help you target new and existing customers more accurately. We start by validating the contact list you already have, and append missing or incomplete information to enhance your records with any data attributes you require.

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Acquire buyer-intent leads and scale your sales pipeline in 3 easy steps

With Upsail, you’re not just hiring a lead researсher - you’re getting a dedicated team of industry professionals working on your campaign at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally. Here's how it works:



You provide our team with your ideal customer profile (ICP). We analyze your requirements and work with you to add additional data points to your buyer profile and outline the desired results of your campaign.


Hand-curated research

Our researchers start creating your first lead list which you will receive within the first 24 hours of working with us. We adjust the campaign based on your feedback to maximize your results.


Closed-loop Feedback

You receive fresh leads weekly or at your preferred frequency. You always have full control over your campaign, enabling you to review and make adjustments as we go.

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We help our clients close deals

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Ryan Philemon

Director of Marketing in Provi

We hired Upsail team to help us source leads for our industry. The leads generated were always high quality contacts, with virtually no bounce rates and they are always open to adjusting strategies at the last minute. I've been working with Yaro and his team for over a year and they are still my go-to for projects like these!

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Will Sloane

Head of Growth in Prohibition Partners

Yaro and his team offer an incredibly valuable service to our business. Yaro is extremely responsive, and work is always delivered promptly and to the highest standard possible.

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Jolien Demeyer

Marketing Director in CHD Expert

Fast, to the point and great overview of leads to tackle, on top of that, very responsive (regardless timezones). I worked with Upsail over 3 years. They are sharp, process oriented, and delivered results in both the quantity of leads they provided me as we well as quality. When needed, they always responded in a timely manner and provided sound advice. I would recommend their service. Great job!

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Alessandra Johnson

VP of Sales GlassView

Yaro & the Upsail team have been a pleasure to work with. From the start, they were eager to learn our business and identify our target market to help compliment our sales outreach efforts - acting as an extension of our team. They have helped us identify thousands of qualified leads and secure new business through their diligent research and data-driven outreach. I would highly recommend the Upsail team to amplify and sustain the growth of your sales efforts.

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We gather any type of data you need

Apart from usual requests like emails and phone numbers, we work with you to identify the sales intelligence which matters most and scour all corners of the internet to find it. Our researchers use 20+ tools and 100+ niche-specific sources to deliver leads with the following data points:

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215 +

Loyal Customers

Our satisfied clients have been with us for over 3 years, and the best part is that 90% of them are still coming back!

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25,000 +

Appointments Scheduled

We have more than 25,000 appointments delivered for our clients over the course of 3 years. We do this across multiple industries and are continuing to grow with every project!

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Appointment Show Rate

Buyer Intent based prospecting ensures lowest no-show rate for our customers. Should you ever have a no-show, we will replace this opportunity in 24 hours!

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Lead Qualification Rate

We ensure your team works only on high-quality opportunities that have the highest chance to convert!

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10:1 ROI

$10 return per dollar invested across 25 industries. Sales is a numbers game, and our customers LOVE closing deals.

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CAC Reduction

The reported average acquisition cost as a result of our efforts is 35-75% lower than it would have been otherwise.

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"Is this right for me?"

From startups to enterprises, our mission is simple - we help you get in front of your customers *faster*. We can ensure you build organic interest in your product or service by providing whatever your sales reps need to keep them focused only on selling. Closing and nurturing are vastly different skills, and our team of seasoned professionals can do the latter at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally. Thus, we have options for customers of every size and budget:

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You are a one-man show. You want to establish a more effecient sales process but don't have the internal resources or personal time to micromanage everything. Our seasoned team will build and execute your outbound strategy while providing you with insights about the best tools, methodologies, and practices to implement specifically for your business.

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Middle-sized companies

Being a successful entrepreneur means managing a massive to-do list. By letting us take care of your top-of-the-funnel and grow your sales pipeline, you can free up time to focus on the rest of your business. The Appointment Setting program will help you generate new outbound opportunities, receive more inbound opportunities, grow and scale your business without ncreasing overhead.

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When you launch a new product or test a new market, Upsail offers a full-cycle pre-sales program to analyze the potential and establish your presence. We will take care of your list building, anti-spam and ppointment setting to create initial traction while you simply send contracts and pick up checks. We utilize and pay for more than 20 innovative outreach tools and over a 100 lead generation resources, so you don't have to waste a dime or train your sales teams internally.

Begin your outbound journey with Upsail today!

Sales Acceleration

The sales cycle is the interaction between a business and a customer in order to sell the product offered by the company. The beginning of the sales cycle is the search for potential customers, but even when the purchase is completed, the process is still ongoing.


Sales accelerator: methods

Ever since the appearance of trade, barter, and then money, all people think about how to sell quickly to customers. What techniques were not possessed by merchants, so that the batch of goods quickly got away with it. And all this is due to a simple economic formula, which states that the speed of product turnover is much more important than any markup in trade.

From this, it is clear that the success and in general the entire work of the company depended not on how much profit is made from the sale of goods, but on how quickly all the products were sold out and the new batch for sale arrived. And this process becomes absolutely clear if you remember the work of wholesale sales. So the markup on the goods is minimal, but the products are dispersed very quickly. Another example of this principle of work is the use of promotions and discount prices. Large companies can afford to arrange a sale, enter promotions and discounts. This way, the goods are sold out faster, which means that there are new funds to buy a new batch and put it into circulation.

Another good tool for speeding up sales is advertising. Scientists have found that it is the most effective method of marketing, so to make sure that products are in demand, it is necessary to prepare a good advertising campaign. You can use leaflets and business cards, as well as rent billboards. In addition, you can advertise on television, radio, and on the Internet. A large number of different advertising strategies and tools have been invented now.

Another innovation is advertising companies through social networks. This is especially important when you consider that now more and more people are switching to online shopping. So many companies and small firms are making sure to make a website with products for sale. This is a very lucrative option, as the cost of starting a website is minimal and there are more and more people who prefer online shopping. It is quite possible that it is virtual shopping sites that will soon come to the forefront.

It is also very important to properly serve ads when selling goods. It is very important to choose a place to put your trade offer. This can be a website, or a group in a social network, a site related to the subject. This way the ad will increase as many people as possible.

Sales accelerator: the process

The main purpose of customer service in the office is directly the realization of services and profit. Exclusive value in this case has the manager's ability to feel the moment of readiness of the client to purchase services.

The most favorable outcome of the conversation between the manager and client will be if the client himself asks how he can get the service. But this does not always happen. What can be done in other cases?

The easiest way to summarize the objections of the client and the answers given to them is to summarize the benefits of the service, saying to the client: "If you agree, now we need to execute the contract. But this approach is not always acceptable. In this case, it is necessary to show not only flexibility but also ingenuity. For example, you can use the well-known technique of the win-win alternative, which is to give the client a choice between two decisions, each of which leads to a purchase: "Which of these two hotels seems most appropriate for you?"

To expedite the decision-making process, sales professionals advise putting forward a final, decisive argument that should end the customer's hesitation and ensure their final agreement.

The logical conclusion of customer service in the office is the follow-up contact with the client. The firm is always interested in that the client remains satisfied with the service, as it provides an opportunity for the subsequent interaction

Sales engagement platform Upsail

Upsail is the agency that will help to solve any customer issue. The agency will help to accelerate the sales of the company, which in turn will help to increase its profits. To get a full consultation on the service of sales acceleration please contact by the specified phone number or e-mail address.


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